1. Why do we want to work with Reaching and Teaching?

Reaching and Teaching (RTIM) exists to reach the peoples of the world through evangelism and by meeting the great need for deep discipleship, pastoral preparation, leadership training, and theological education. We strongly believe these are non-negotiables. God has called the church to both reach & teach the nations, and yet 85% of all evangelical pastors around the world have little to no access to theological or practical training. We desire to take this training to local pastors around the world in order to strengthen their churches and empower their ministry.

2. How is training leaders part of the Great Commission?  

The Great Commission will not be completed when we reach the world. Reaching is only half the commission. In order to obey the whole thing, we must make disciples or “teach them to observe all that (Jesus) has commanded.” We believe the best way to do that is teach disciples how to train others, and cause the ministry to be multiplied.

3. When will we deploy? 

We hope to deploy to language school in August of 2018, though it ultimately depends on our level of support.

4. When/where will we go to language school? 

There is a school designed for missionaries in Costa Rica where we will learn the culture and to read and write the language, as well as be able to focus on biblical/spiritual language that will help us write theological papers and preach and teach. This school will last about 1 year.

5. Where will we move to after language school? 

We have joined a team in Cordoba, Argentina. This area is strategic for getting pastoral training into Patagonia and countries like Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

6. Why Argentina? 

Argentina has over 43 million people and is home to several indigenous groups that are completely unreached with the gospel. Those who are religious believe in a mixture (theologians would call this syncretism) of Catholicism, animism, and heresies of the health and wealth gospel. This is destructive and blinds people to the truth of the gospel.

7. What is our vision for ministry? 

Check out Our Vision page, but in short, we desire to reach people through evangelism, plant churches with local pastors and strengthen churches by training their leaders in Argentina and neighboring countries. We also have the opportunity to partner with other missionaries in other places around the globe to start leadership training in their contexts.

8. How can you follow our ministry? 

We will send out monthly newsletters that you can subscribe to here.

9. What does “partnering in ministry” actually mean? 

We borrowed this phrase from the Bible. Paul said to the Philippian church, “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now” (Phil 1:3-5). This church had come alongside Paul for the sake of the gospel. They supported him through prayer, financial giving, encouragement, and sending brothers and sisters to strengthen him through hard times. Partnership is not only necessary, it is required. Just as an arrow is no good on its own and must be partnered with a bow, missionaries cannot be sent into the world without a sender. “How are they to preach unless they are sent?” (Romans 10:15) It is our joy to be the arrow, and we pray that it would be your joy to send us, for the glory of God and the joy of all peoples!