About Us

Dustin and Candi were married 13 years ago and have four very active and lovable children. Zeb (10) is smart, loves sports, and has energy for days. Sy is 7 and is a great reader, tree climber, and the comedian of our family. Ana Grace (6) loves to dance, play with dolls, and be a little mama to anyone younger than her. Jed will be 2 in July and enjoys playing with cars, making animal noises, and cuddling. God has been using each of them in many ways. Zeb shared the gospel at church and his homeschool group using a Rubik’s Cube as an object lesson. Sy is the unofficial greeter at church; he makes sure that no one leaves without a hug and some encouragement. While listening to a podcast about a 9-year old girl who was translating for missionaries in Brazil, Ana Grace said, “Daddy, I want to be like that girl!” Jed is constantly growing and learning and it is fun to see his personality form.

After teaching public school for 6 years, Candi felt the Lord calling her to be a homemaker once Zeb came along. She has embraced this challenge, and, often with a new baby in her arms, skillfully teaches our other children daily. She loves learning new things, experiencing new cultures and trying new foods. Though I’m not sure how she does it, she still has energy left over to use her gifts of encouragement and hospitality.

Dustin has an M.Div. and has worked in student and pastoral ministry for 17 years. He also works as a technical writer and safety trainer in the oil/gas industry while they raise support to move overseas. Since a mission trip to Malawi in 2000, Dustin has sensed a call to missions and specifically to training leaders. He is passionate about his family, knowing God and making Him known, and teaching others to do the same.